Friday Finds #3


So close to Christmas now I can almost taste the mince pies. Incidentally, we bought some in Save On foods last weekend. $9 for a box of 6. Yikes. The most expensive mince pies ever. Where’s Marks & Spencer when you need them?

In other news, Instagram deleted one of my pictures (the one shown above) this week. Why I have no idea. I read that some poor folk have lost entire accounts thanks to the Instagram bots. Accounts that are in no way offensive. Just goes to show how little control we have when we gaily upload our precious images to social media. Anyway. Enjoy the links below. A fairly random selection this week.


An interesting read about the technological future of photography and what it might mean for all of us

Clive Thompson on “reverse chronological” design in social media apps and how they keep us scrolling.


Who would you vote for? Mathieu Asselin, Rafal Milach, Batia Suter and Luke Willis Thompson are the four selected photographers shortlisted for the Deutsche Borse. You’ll be able to see their work at The Photographers’ Gallery, London from February 2018.


There’s some great photography in this film by Coldhouse Collective for mountaineering equipment company Rab. Expect shots of sweeping landscapes, a lone piper and 3 American athletes freezing in the Scottish Highlands.


Ben Smith is a London photographer who publishes his conversations with photographers in A Small Voice. Here his latest podcast is with photojournalist Anastasia Taylor-Lind.


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