Friday Finds #5


This week my set of links has a particularly female slant, not to shut men out, but to open out the conversation beyond our established ways.



  • The Ascent of Woman -Dr Amanda Foreman presents this fascinating and passionate four-part series documenting ‘the history of women from the dawn of civilisation to the modern day.’ Catch it on Netflix.


  • Interview with British writer and journalist Caitlin Moran. Kirsty Young’s frustration at interviewing Moran is clear as Moran deftly sidesteps any questions that try to dig under the surface of her quick wit and storytelling.


  • Natural Deceptions by photographer Natalie Krick. ‘… a biting yet witty sendup of popular portrayals of feminine beauty and sexuality. Krick’s photographs are fueled by a conflicting attraction and aversion to images of glamorous women. Along with her mother and sister, she poses for the camera, reimagining the highly formalized images that taught them what it meant to be beautiful.’


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